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Drain Cleaning Las Vegas

It’s going to happen sooner than later – clogged drains. It is very important to hire a licensed plumber and not a handyman for drain cleaning in Las Vegas.  You may have serious plumbing problems that are causing the clogged drains in your home.  We have a camera inspection if needed to make sure there are no plumbing problems.

Check out our Las Vegas Drain Cleaning special – $99 any drain.

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Jetter Service

Jetter service is the best way to clean clogged drains. As people do there dishes and laundry the water cools going down the pipe leaving grease builds up. It doesn’t take long for the grease, residue, food particles and grime to build up and clog your drains. You can do a simple drain cleaning on some drains, but to get your drain clean you need a high pressure jetter service.

Jetter service is like a pressure washer for your drains and sewer line. The jet puts out about 14 gallons of water per minute and 2500 psi. This high pressure system is gets all of the build up out of your pipes.

(Drain Cleaning special does not include Commercial drains. Includes residential drains for up to 1 hour of labor. Some drains maybe extra. Call for details)

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